About Us

Nakawé is the goddess of water and stars in Mayan language. In Mayan mythology, water is the source of life and the sun, being the earth’s nearest star, is the source of energy. The water and sun are the perfect complement  for the flora and fauna, being portrayed on cultural garments traditional to Mayan villages. Our sportswear  line was inspired to promote the Guatemalan heritage through its huipiles.  

Huipiles are one of the many garments of clothing that represent the Guatemalan culture, due to their glowing colors and symbology.  Huipiles are traditional blouses of native women of Mayan heritage and differ by region to distinguish one town from the other.  Mayan women weave stories in their huipiles of how they relate to nature,  the universe, and religion. Most huipiles take from three to six months to weave, which makes not only a valuable handmade garment but a unique piece because there is no two identical.

Nakawé is a brand born from the fusion of Guatemalan art and sportswear, for women to look, beautiful, comfortable, confident and free. When you put on your Nakawés, you wear a brand that represents heritage, beauty, and life. Dare to explore other cultures and traditions!

Nakawé: In each garment, a story of the footprint of Guatemala.